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We are glade to introduce ourselves as one of the highly progressive Fabricators at Vadodara, undertaking of all kinds of fabrication and sheet metal works in Stainless Steel, material:- Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Formulations, IPC, Bunkar, Fabrication, S. S. Sheet Metal, Tanks, Vessels and Kitchen etc. We are the specialist in IPC and Pharmaceutical Furniture in Stainless Steel.
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Corner Angle Corner Angle  
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Change Room Accessories
ss apron hanging cabinet, ss apron hanging cabinet manufacturer ss locker for worker, ss locker manufacturer postbox type dustbin, postbox type dustbin ahmedabad
SS Apron Hanging Cabinet SS Locker For Worker Postbox Type Dustbin
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Tablet / Powder Division
ipc (intermediate products container), ipc (intermediate products container) manufacturer ss powder storage container, ss powder storage container manufacturer ss pallet, ss pallet manufacturer
IPC (Intermediate Products Container) SS Powder Storage Container SS Pallet
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Sterile & Injectable Division
ss storage tank, ss storage tank manufacturer bucket, bucket manufacturer, bucket supplier india ss working table, ss working table supplier
SS Storage Tank Bucket SS Working Table
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Liquid / Oral Division
ss std dustbin, ss std dustbin manufacturer ss liquid sampler, ss liquid sampler manufacturer ss cylinder tank, ss cylinder tank exporter, ss cylinder tank ahmedabad
SS STD Dustbin

SS Liquid Sampler

SS Cylinder Tank
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Quality Control Division
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SS Funnel SS Funnel SS Working Table
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Packing Division
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SS Table SS Table SS Working Division
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Canteen Equipments
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Kitchen Rack SS Canteen Table  
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General Equipments
apron hanging and west apron storage cabinet, west apron storage cabinet gujarat clamps, clamps manufacturer, clamps Supplier, clamps exporter india crossover bench, crossover bench manufacturer
Apron Hanging & West Apron Storage Cabinet Clamps Crossover Bench
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Pharmaceutical Furniture India, Pharmaceutical Furniture Supplier
Products Range
  SS Locker for Worker  
  SS Foot Operated Dustbin  
  SS Apron Hanging Cabinet  
  SS Locker With U V Light  
  First Aid Box  
  SS Cross Over Bench  
  SS Wash Basin  
  SS Dustbin std  
  SS Apron Hanging Stand  
  SS Garment Cabinet  
  SS Shoe Rack  
  SS Linen Rack  
  SS Mirror  
  SS Hand Gloves Stand / Trolley  
  SS Tray  
  Tablet / Powder Division  
  I P C (Intermediate Products Container)  
  SS Powder Sampler  
  SS Powder Storage Container / Banker / Drum  
  SS 316 Scoop  
  SS 316 Spantula  
  SS 316 Spoon  
  SS 316 Scrapper  
  SS Cage Trolley / Shipper Trolley  
  SS Tool Box  
  SS Tray For Tray Dryer  
  SS Stool (Fix & Revolving)  
  SS Chair (Fix & Revolving)  
  SS Working Table  
  SS Sink With Table  
  SS Dustbin Paddle Type  
  SS Step Table  
  SS Platform With Ladder  
  SS Drain Trap  
  SS Instruments Storage Cupboard  
  SS Trolley for Carrying Oven Tray21. SS Platform Trolly  
  SS 2 Tier / 3 Tier Trolley for multipurpose  
  SS Pallets  
  SS Wire Dustbin  
  SS Shives for Shifter & Wire Messh  
  SS Die Punch Cabinet  
  SS Preparation Tank  
  SS Presses Tank  
  SOP Stand  
  Key Box  
  Weight Trolley  
  Sterile and Injectable Division  
  SS Storage tank  
  SS Tool Box  
  SS Pallets  
  SS Stools (Fix & Revolving)  
  SS Chair (Fix & Revolving)  
  SS Working Tables  
  SS Table with Drawer & Locker  
  SS Table with Sink & Drain  
  SS Dustbin (Paddle Operated)  
  SS Multi Purpose Trolley  
  Liquid / Oral Division  
  SS Cylindrical Tank  
  SS Liquid Storage Drum  
  SS Storage Tank upto 2000Ltrs  
  SS Tool Box  
  SS Spantula  
  SS 316 Spoon  
  SS 316 Scraper  
  SS Liquid Sampler  
  SS Stools (Fix & Revolving Type)  
  SS Chair (Fix & Revolving Type)  
  SS Dustbin (Paddle Operated)  
  SS Storage Container  
  Quality Control Division  
  SS Mug & Jugs  
  SS316 Spoon  
  SS 316 Powder Sampler  
  SS Funnel  
  Table With Drawer  
  SS Stool (Fix & Revolving Type)  
  SS Chair (Fix & Revolving Type)  
  SS Table Plain  
  SS Table With Shink  
  SS Dustbin (Paddle Operated)  
  Packing Division  
  SS Pallets  
  SS Stool (Fix Revolving Type)  
  SS Stool Box  
  SS Tables  
  SS Table with Drawer  
  SS Multi Purpose Trolley  
  SS Platform Trolley  
  SS Container Trolley  
  SS Packing Chair  
  SS Dustbin Paddle Operated  
  Canteen Equipments  
  SS Canteen Tables with Stools  
  SS Sink Unit  
  SS Work Table  
  SS Stools (Fix & Revolving Type)  
  SS Chair (Fix & Revolving Type)  
  Kitchen Utility Trolley  
  Box / Drum Trolley  
  Food Trolley  
  Dish Rack / Pot Rack  
  Kitchen Racks  
  Shelving Units  
  Pastry Trolley  
  Waste Bin  
  Serving Mobile Table  
  Storage Bin  
  General Machinery & Equipments  
  Storewell Cupboard with Shelves  
  Lockers 12, 16, & 20  
  Ampoule & Vial Boxes  
  Pecking Chair  
  SS Hammer / Teflon Hammer  
  Sifter Sieves & Multi Mill Screens Storage Trolley & Cabinet  
  Try Drayer Trolley  
  First Aid Box  
  Weight Box Trolley  
  Helmet Stand  
  Key Board  
  Used Linen Trolley (Round)  
  Computer Cabinet  
  Office Table  
  Pass Box  
  Animal Cage  
  Animal Cage Trolley  
  Octagonal Blender Machine  
  Double Cone Blender Machine  
  Vibro Sifter Machine  
pharmaceutical furniture manufacturer
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