Change Room Accessories

We are specialist suppliers of changing room accessories, storage racking and cross over bench and are rails and balustrade exporter based in India. Our ranges include school furniture and every kind of pharmaceutical solution. Most of our products are manufactured in the company in India.

Change Room Accessories may be used in conjunction with change room when floor storage is desired in combination with above storage of clothing. In this configuration, detailers can choose to operate the accessories using the standard cross over bench design or from within the SS Locker using the operating equipment package. Our company also manufacturer all types of accessories like SS wash Dustbin, SS Garments Cabinet, Linen Rack, First Aid box and SS Appron Hanging Cabinet.

Cross Over Bench

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Cross Over Bench

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First Aid Box

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Linen Rack

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Postbox Type Dustbin

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SS Appron Hanging Cabinet

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SS Foot Operated Dustbin

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SS Garments Cabinet

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SS Locker For Worker

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SS Locker For Worker

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SS Shoe Rack

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SS Tray

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SS Wash Dustbin

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